This body of work is a series of images derived from a virtual space. The “landscape” is made using the raw data from a heart rate monitor and engaging with the natural world. The information has been translated using various software in order to re-create the various data points of heart rate, location, power output, speed, time, etc. In its final form as you see in the exhibition, the work has been processed through a popular 3D world generator. This then creates a new, relational landscape. The relationship of this data and IRL landscape is utilized to develop the new terrain seen in the work. Each of the atmospheric elements is tied to a different data point to create the overall landscape.

Through this process I am creating a new space for which I use as an “escape” from my day to day and have the ability to engage with. Through the lenses of self reflection and meditation I have created a new landscape to focus my “escape”. The title Panopticon refrences both Bentham’s philosophy on external viewing devices as well as Foucault’s internal viewing philosophy of Panopticism. The show consisted of 64 total works hung at exactly 53.5” and are roughly the size of an iPhone 6 screen.